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About Independus

What is a Centre for Independent Living ?

There are a lot of stereotypes and misconceptions about the disabled people, which make them feel as if they are a burden to the society. In a world where humans are driven by wealth, power, beauty, independence, physical abilities and intelligence, many of the disabled are marginalized and denied the chance to lead a good life and explore their talents. They are not treated like equals members of a community because it is thought that they cannot learn or do useful things.

The life of someone with a disability can depend on the people who surround him, his self-confidence and the way he sees his barriers and opportunities. They are a lot stronger and mature sooner than others due to their childhood days, which are marked by beatings, discrimination and persons who tease and bully them. Most often, they feel weird because of the rude stares they get and search for a place that brings them respect, worth and support.

Another hardship they must face is the rejection in things like kindergartens, schools, universities, sport, work, shopping centers that others take for granted. Imagine individuals who have restricted access to cinemas due to their disabilities. In school, they struggle with the impolite behavior of classmates and uncooperative teachers who scold them all the time. It is not uncommon for the disabled to be placed in special classes because the other children’s parents are scared of what they might do.

Social life is also limited to a few friends and family members because they are usually ignored and are not integrated in groups. Their daily life is a bit different than others and might need assistance for same activities. While they might be unable to drive and walk everywhere they want to, or read books and hear music, individuals with disabilities might develop other impressive skills. The communities should seek info, offer help and ensure that everyone has a right to normal experiences.