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North Yorkshire Centre for Independent Living
This organisation was formed in the summer of 2009, a registered charity and limited company by guarantee. The three founding members are Independus, Scarborough D.A.G and Whitby D.A.G. (Disablement Action Group) Our aim is to encourage and support the development of user led groups in areas not already services within North Yorkshire. This will mean equal access to quality services for all disabled people and their careers. Also by pooling our resources, knowledge and expertise we will become a stronger voice, meet our needs, become more efficient and develop our services to include Brokerage, one website and telephone number and to provide accessible services to those currently excluded like Gypsy and traveller groups and ethnic minorities.

Tramper Tester Day - Aysgarth Falls

For many years the country side has been considered a no-go or think twice idea for disabled people, quite often being confined to the car whilst family and friends enjoy the fresh air. Since then technology has advanced, attitudes improved and new opportunities opened. One example is the availability of electric off road wheelchairs; the more commonly used being the ‘Tramper’ Trampers are regarded as comfortable, safe and reliable way of helping those with mobility issues go off road. Some local authorities and organisations already employ them, one being Lancashire County Council.

Independus, a charity for disabled people within North Yorkshire, are working with the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority to make the dales more accessible for disabled people and are initiating a ‘Tramper Taster Day’ at Aysgarth Falls on 13th May 2010 at 11am to 1pm. The idea is to give disabled people the chance to see for themselves that the countryside need not always be a barrier. Officers from local authorities and local organisations known to have an interest in opening up the Yorkshire Dales to disabled people have been invited. The idea is to bring the right people together, inspire them, allow effective communication and any constructive publicity bto take place in the hope that these vehicles maybe procured and used at specific locations within the Yorkshire Dales for use by those who genuinely require them.

Independus AGM - 17th May 2010
Independus is holding its Annual General Meeting on the 17th May 2010, The venue is The Mencap Centre, Goosecroft Lane, Northallerton, DL6 1EG. This is a co-joined event so our meeting will at 6pm prompt with Mencap AGM taking place at 7pm. All members of both organisations are welcome to attend either event but we do ask that attendance to Independus is a very prompt start therefore if you would like refreshments please be there from 5.30pm. Independus will also be making a short presentation during Mencap’s AGM. We will also be taking nominations for Trustees and would appreciate that if you do wish to put yourself forward that you notify this office as soon as possible so that the completed paperwork is ready for you to sign on the night. Trustees will be co-opted en- block. There will be no changes to the current officers. We also wish to appoint a suitably qualified Treasurer so if you know of anyone who maybe interested then please contact this office for a copy of the job specification.

Things you can do to help the disabled

Throughout the world there are many people with mental or physical disabilities that can limit major life actions. They face discrimination and are denied an equal participation in the society’s everyday activities. Most often, they cannot go to a normal public school, be employed, participate in sport games, live their lives independently and much more. Whether you live in London, Tokyo or any other place, there are some steps you should consider when you interact with them.

The most important thing is that you should improve your communication skills. Most disabled individuals are assisted by interpreters or friends on a daily basis. When you want to exchange information with them, it is essential that you look to that person when you talk, and not to their assistant. Always use a normal tone when you speak and treat them as your equals. They can have as much fun as you are.

As everyone deserves privacy, be respectful to them if they refuse to tell you about their disability. Most times, the main reason for their silence is that they assume you will go and tell others about it. You should always ask permission before you do it or you might make them uncomfortable. Disabled humans are just like any normal persons with feelings, thoughts, or skills and they are worthy of respect. Avoid harmful actions or words and treat them with dignity.

When you see somebody with a disability who struggles with something, you immediately jump in and help, but sometimes you can do more harm than good if you do not know what her or his intentions are. Every individual wants an independent lifestyle. Next time you are on a date and meet these people, ask them before you provide assistance. If they decline your offer, do not repeat yourself or you might come off as rude.

The disabled frequently meet rejection when they go to job interviews. In case you are an employer, or you have knowledge of some positions in the company you work for, offer them a chance and they will surprise you with their competitive spirit and great skills. Also, you can make some adjustments to your home and add ramps, so that your environment is adapted to fit the needs of someone in a wheelchair.

Get involved and volunteer to your local organizations in your community, which aim to provide assistance to those in need like service dogs, medical gear, wheelchairs, help with bill payments, cleaning, shopping. You may work with them directly, arrange events or create programs. Because extra money is needed for medical costs and expenses, charity events are very helpful. Raise funds through social media and ask your friends and family to contribute even with a small amount.

As life gets busier and your days consist of work hours and house chores, you might forget to show care and support to the loved ones. Visit your friend who lost her hand in a terrible accident at least once a month and help her reconnect with her previous life. This will make a big difference and will improve her self-esteem. Although you may not cure their disabilities, you can improve the existence of disabled people and fight for their rights.